Healthy Communities

By working collaboratively with community partners, TOCFWH succeeds at ensuring that youth, families, and residents of West and North Philadelphia receive ongoing community health support.

  • Nicetown-Tioga Improvement Team – Registered Community Organization (NTITRCO) is a local State Health Improvement Partnership of more than 40 collaborative members including residents, block captains, youth, community-based agencies, faith-based institutions, hospital, healthcare providers, universities, schools, and elected officials. The Collaborative functions via subcommittees which determine the operations for community programming. The Subcommittees develop and maintain community healing and memorial gardens, support community-sponsored health fairs and youth programming, and host/sponsor community block events including our Annual Back To School Bookbag Giveaway. As an RCO, we receive the benefit of early notice of significant zoning proposals in our neighborhood and provide a reliable 45-day timeframe for community input and a mechanism to identify and contact community organizations.
  • West Philadelphia Community Healthy Change Coalition (WPCHCC) – TOCFWH coordinates the WPCHCC (which evolved from the Haddington Community Health Project (HCHP) Collaborative). The coalition is comprised of individuals/leaders from agencies, hospitals, universities, schools and faith-based institutions as well as elected officials, residents, youth and families focusing on:
    • Drug Free Community (DFC) – TOCFWH is the lead agency for the West Philadelphia Community Health Change Coalition (WPCHCC), which was awarded the Drug Free Communities Program grant through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA). The WPCHCC plans to address and reduce the use of prescription drugs and alcohol among youth in the Overbrook High School community area by working in partnership to empower and mobilize the community to promote environmental community-level change. In response to issues raised by parents, youth and key informants, the Coalition will focus on the development of Clean and Safe Zones.
  • Promoting Health through Community Collaboration (PHCC) – TOCFWH works to ensure that youth and families throughout West and North Philadelphia thrive, succeed and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Family centered efforts are promoted throughout the community. Such efforts include:
    • Ounce of Prevention (OP)
      • Preventive Health Services: All youth enrolled in any program supported by TOCFWH maintain current health records. Free annual health assessments are provided for youth who do not have a medical home.
      • Primary Care: Youth participants who receive an annual assessment through TOCFWH are eligible for sick and continuum care. We treat common illnesses, asthma, allergic conditions, and obesity. A significant number of our patients have behavioral health issues such as ADHD, depression and anxiety, anger and grief.
      • Behavioral Health Services: TOCFWH has long standing partnerships with Behavioral Health Providers. Clients who need ongoing care are referred to our partners. These partners also provide services to our Out of School Time youth. Services include Trauma Informed Group Therapy sessions (Bullying prevention, Anger management techniques, Conflict resolution, etc.), as well as one-on-one, group and family behavioral modification counseling.
      • Obesity Prevention Initiative – Nutrition education and physical activity programs are provided for youth and adults throughout North and West Philadelphia.