TOCFWH coordinates youth development programs that provide at risk youth with opportunities to build leadership skills and empower them to become positive agents of change in their communities.programming 1

  1. Safe Haven I (K-5) (21st CCLC) Lamberton, Safe Haven II (K-5) (21st CCLC) Bethune, and Safe Haven III (K-5) (21stCCLC) Cassidy are licensed, year-round programs at the Lamberton, Bethune and Cassidy schools, respectively. They provide homework assistance, project-based learning, and academic enrichment activities with a strong focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) and literacy; as well as a variety of challenging recreational activities.
  2. 21st CCLC I (6-8) Lamberton, 21st CCLC II (6-8) Bethune, and 21st CCLC III (6th) Cassidy are school- based, licensed year-round programs at the Lamberton, Bethune and Cassidy schools respectively. They use an integrated approach to education for youth in 6th-8th grades, providing academic support, STEAM, cultural enrichment and career exploration.
  3. Club Den is a comprehensive, licensed year-round youth development program that promotes good health and academic excellence for K-8th grade students.
  4. KAPA (Kids with a Positive Attitude) is a youth leadership council designed to give high school students voices in their communities, as well as opportunities to develop and demonstrate their skills, and be change agents.
  5. Child & Adult Care Food Program/Summer Food Services Program (CACFP/SFSP) provides meals and snacks to all youth participating in TOCFWH programs. All menus follow the nutritional guidelines of the PA Department of Education and the USDA.

TOCFWH facilitates initiatives that encourage and empower adults to utilize resources to enhance their quality of living and build healthier relationships. The services provided are:

  1. Parent Empowerment – TOCFWH provides parent empowerment workshops to Philadelphia parents and co-caregivers of youth from birth up to 21 years of age. The goal is to enhance parenting skills and to build positive resilient youth who love to learn. In addition to the workshops, parents receive resource information and referrals.
  2. Department of Human Services, Children and Youth Division-Family and Community Support Center Prevention Assistance Fund – TOCFWH helps families to identify resources that assist primarily with rent, utilities, clothing, and beds for children.